What’s the Last Photo on Your Phone?


Ivan Cash alias @shwizle has asked New Yorkers what the last photo on their phone was. The answer: a lot.

“I’m fascinated by all of these human stories that are inherently non-curated and unfiltered,” Cash told the „Atlantic“. He has asked the same in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

So. Whats the last photo on your phone?

Not Amused

Although it is not exactly a secret spot anymore, the Spreepark is one of the most magic places in Berlin. It’s mystic, it’s abandoned and it’s most certainly a piece of old Eastern Berlin. You should visit some time soon and bring your camera – because rumour has it that the city-state is looking to get hold of the area and turn it into an appartment block.
For background reads on the story of the amusement park and the family who runs it:
The Story of the Berlin Spreepark (English)
Spreepark in Berlin: Mit Vergnügen ins Desaster

If you are looking to get in you should give this a read:
Abandoned Berlin

Leave the Lights on

Once there was a little Prince and his name was George. He had very popular parents who attended to charity-polo-games and fancy dinners. But when they left they used to leave on a little light that would scare away the ghosts of his ancestors. But not the paparazzi.