Texas Post’em


A pretty poster all the way from Austin, Texas: London by Blanca Gomez

The guys from poster cabaret generally have a fine collection of prints…


Two Very Late Foodie-Penpal-Revealings and a Happy New Year

It’s been a while but I’m back with two extremely nice foodie penpals.

Sarah from Gateshead sent me a lovely parcel including two sorts of tea (half of it is already gone), a spice for meat, chocolate coffee beans, a plum pudding and cupcakes which I will serve on a special occasion.

My second parcel came from Cornwall and contained a lot of yummy stuff, too. Elizabeth sent me a risotto and a quinoa mix, a box of cheese sticks (they’re also already gone), a mix for mulled wine and a package of Cornish sea salt. You can take a look her lovely home in North Cornwall, they have lots of snow these days…



Thanks so much, Sarah and Elizabeth, all treats got special places in my kitchen…

The Lean Green Bean

So long: Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

Happy New Year, right on!