Decision Day

Decision Day

Let’s just hope no one is moving out or in…

Meanwhile you can keep updated with the news coverage from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Both will be dropping the paywall during the election…

The Washington Post shows a map (permanently updated) of all the states and all developments with background info on each state while the Atlantic Wire shows the very best of the presidential campaign in pictures.

Not that I’m obsessed with The Atlantic but when already on the page check out this great graph on why people don’t vote and interview which, according to the author, „is part of the day-long Festival of Hourly Posts to distract us all from the last spasm of the campaign“.

And for all those who think that they cannot stand the tension The Week shows the craziest and most nail-biting elections in US history

All very nice reads for the hours to come.

Photographed in July 2012

Always a Place At the Bar

Always a Place At the Bar

The Bar Fly is magic. Not only because the bar tenders know how to make a decent whiskey sour but also because of the everything’s-possible-feeling you get after a while.

And of course because of the great great Mr Langnickel and his crew…

Bar Fly, Kempener Str. 68, Cologne, open from 8 pm until the last one leaves…

Foodie Pen Pals October

Foodie Pen Pal October

I just received my parcel from Susie and I love it! Thanks so much for all the lovely treats.

I got popcorn and marmite cashews (I already finished half of it), Willie’s cacao for hot chocolate, edible glitter (you guys have such nice decoration for baking in the UK!) and a curry spice mix for an Indian curry.

Thanks so much, Susie, I doubt anything will last longer than the weekend…

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